A bit about Jessica and Jordan

Jordan and Jessica are a brother and sister team from Dublin, Ireland. Jordan has been based in London for almost 10 years where he lives with his wife Jina. After cooking for some of Jessica’s London based nutritional clients, he went back to Ireland and trained at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork. Directly afterwards he went onto work under the Michelin star chef Skye Gyngell at Petersham Nurseries Restaurant in London.
He also cooks for private clients, specializing in cooking for health, weight loss and nutrition.

Jessica is based in Dublin, where she works as a nutritional therapist and natural fertility specialist. She is also a wife and mother to two very energetic kids, so she is well acquainted with the demands of juggling motherhood and work and the challenges involved in providing healthy meals for her family.
She is a regular contributor to the Irish media on issues of health, nutrition and fertility.
Together Jessica and Jordan have a wealth of experience helping people to achieve optimal health through food and nutrition.

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The Questions we always get asked!

Do you have allergies?

No we actually don’t have any food allergies. We simply feel far better when we reduce the amount of sugar, dairy and processed wheat in our diet. We have more energy, better sleep, better skin, better digestion, less coughs and colds, we don’t put on weight… the list is endless, so why eat the bad stuff when you can be just as indulgent in a healthy way?!

Do you both eat this way all the time? Don’t you ever eat sugar and dairy?

Of course there are times when we eat sugar and dairy, whether it be at a restaurant or someone’s house for dinner. In some cases, like when you are travelling, it is actually the only way to taste the authentic food of that region, so we are not in any way dictatorial about it. At home though, we do eat a diet predominantly free of sugar and dairy as overall we feel so much better without them. The point to remember though is it does not feel like you are depriving yourself at all, as you are replacing these foods with ice cream, cakes and every other kind of sweet-treat imaginable, that are made using healthier ingredients. The end product tastes precisely the same, if not better in some cases, so it is not at all difficult to eat this way.

What on earth do you put into your food if you are cutting out all the bad stuff?

Whether it is a natural sweetener like agave, maple syrup or xylitol (actually completely natural, despite the chemical sounding name), good fats like coconut butter or extra virgin olive oil, or healthier flours like spelt, there are so many delicious ingredients out there now-a-days that achieve the same result as their more sinful cousins, without any of the negative side effects. Check out our Guilt-free Ingredients section for more information about sugar, wheat and dairy and the healthy ingredients we use. As a chef Jordan is not content to eat something that tastes bland just because it is healthy, it absolutely must be delicious too. So with Jessica’s nutritional knowledge we make sure that all of our recipes are both delicious and healthy in equal measure.

So this isn’t a diet or detox then?

Absolutely not! This is not about depriving yourself or cutting out the ingredients and dishes you love most in life. This is not a fad diet that you come off after 3 weeks. It is a new way of cooking and eating where you simply swap the bad for you ingredients for natural and healthier alternatives. You will not want to return to your old way of eating as you won’t feel like you have deprived yourself of anything in the first place. We love decadent and indulgent food just as much as the next person and our recipes are just as sinful as any Nigella creation, just without the negative impact on your health and waistline.

Do you eat meat and fish?

Jordan does, but finds that he gravitates more towards a diet where the emphasis is not always on meat and fish as the main event. The fact that it is now well known and accepted that a diet with less animal protein is better, not only for our health, but also for our environment is a nice added bonus.
Jessica is vegetarian. After a foreign exchange trip in her teens where she spent 3 weeks living on a farm in the wilds of the German countryside being fed nothing but meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she arrived back to Ireland and never touched the stuff again! She did still eat fish for many years after that though and still does occasionally.

Why did you start to cook and eat this way?

It is hard to pin point a time when we first became interested in cooking this way, but it roughly started over 10 years ago after Jessica had a very bad bout of reoccurring glandular fever. It reignited her interest in health that had developed in her teens, when, after reading a book on nutrition she made the decision to give up dairy (eating a full tub of a well known brand of ice cream was common place) and noticed how it greatly benefited her health. This same approach, together with cutting out refined sugar resulted in a quick and final recovery from glandular fever.
Seeing how dramatically Jessica’s health was affected by what she ate, Jordan quickly followed suit and found he also felt significantly better when he reduced the amount of refined and processed foods he ate, using natural and healthy alternatives in their place.