The Guilt Free Gourmet

Our book is available worldwide through all good book stores. It is also available online via Amazon (here) and Hive (here) , as well as online bookstores local to the country of your residence.

Over the last few years, Jordan and Jessica have regularly been asked by friends, family and clients, what the secret is to their healthy, yet indulgent tasting recipes. So this book is a result of all those requests and will hopefully make it easier for anyone who wants to create comforting and decadent, ‘good for you food’.

Jordan and Jessica are determined to dispel the myth that healthy food always has to be saintly and taste bland, and to show people that they really can, have their cake and eat it too!

All of their recipes offer natural, healthy alternatives to sugar, wheat and dairy, the ingredients that are most commonly associated with weight gain, ill health and food allergies. With Jordan’s experience as a chef at a Michelin star restaurant, he ensures that taste is never compromised, the result is a new way of cooking, bringing together indulgence and health.


Jordan and Jessica’s gorgeous recipes are nutritious yet indulgent. They cleverly use healthier alternative ingredients and never compromise on flavour.

Rachel Allen


Alongside each recipe Jessica brings you interesting nutritional facts, which will show you the power of natural, unprocessed food and the huge impact that it can have on our health. They believe that achieving health through food should be an enjoyable experience, not something that is based on denial. The combination of these recipes and nutritional information will help you to lose weight, feel great and improve your energy!

Jordan’s recipes prove that delicious food can also be healthy. Stay greedy and throw away the diet books! These recipes deliver great-tasting food that will be doing wonders for your body and mind. 

Thomasina Miers


A lovely book full of recipes that are honest and wholesome, but most of all completely delicious! Jordan and I have cooked together many, many times and I for one can vouch for just how good he is - he has a care, passion and respect for ingredients that is second to none!

Skye Gyngell